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    Providing Wildlife Expertise across the UK

    Are deer munching your roses or badgers digging up your lawns? PestPro Bird Solutions are here to help, we can help manage and control these situations in an efficient and ethical way. We can provide solutions for most Wildlife Pests including, Rabbits, Moles, Deer, Badgers, Foxes, Canada Geese and many more.


    Understanding your environment

    We offer free property surveys for businesses, home owners and property managers throughout Reading, Berkshire and the surrounding areas. We offer expert opinion and bespoke solutions to suit both your needs and your environment. We only recommend relevant services and try to use natural methods as much as possible when it comes to pest & wildlife management. By doing this we minimise the use of any chemical based solutions so that they are only used when completely necessary.

    Understanding that expertise is widely sort-after when it comes to wildlife management, we also take on requests and answer enquiries from across the UK*. Contact the team at PestPro Bird Solutions today to find out how we can help you.

    *Travel expenses may apply for projects where long-distance travel commitments are required for PestPro personnel.


    Wildlife Management Staff trained by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

    Our staff are trained to approach every project with consideration for:

    • The Wildlife itself (birds, other animals & insects)
    • The Environment
    • UK Law & Regulations
    • Ethics & Treatment Options
    • The most effective, efficient solution

    This allows us to deliver well-considered management programmes that can positively affect your local environment & wildlife.


    Wildlife management solutions that are bespoke to your needs

    We are able to assess your management needs through both our free property surveys and personal consultations. Once we have a clear understanding of all the factors involved we will put together a bespoke programme to suit your needs. Alternatively you could explore our individual pest control & wildlife management services. We are confident that we can benefit both your property and the management of it.