Clothes Moths Didcot

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    Clothes Moths Didcot

    Are your clothes and curtains getting ruined because of clothes moths? These annoying insects love to feast on the natural fabrics of curtains, clothes, carpets, wardrobes, and anything else with animal-based fibres in them.

    The best solution in these situations is to contact a professional pest control company like PestPro Bird Solutions. We specialise in clothes moths elimination and prevention in Didcot, so we know what it takes to eliminate these annoying insects from properties successfully.

    PestPro Bird Solutions uses heat treatment solutions to eliminate clothes moths from entire rooms of any home or building. Our heat treatment solutions have a 100% success rate and are 100% safe for humans, people, and property. No toxic chemicals or pesticides ever get used.

    After we detect clothes moths in a particular area of your property, we’ll set up a series of heater-fan units to increase the room temperature to as high as 56°C. The heat will remain in the room for up to four hours in order to give it time to circulate and penetrate all the fabric-based items.

    If clothes moths, eggs, or larvae are hiding in the curtains or carpets, the heat will destroy them quickly. This holistic approach is the safest and most effective way to remove clothes moths in Didcot. You will see that for yourself after hiring our pest control team for assistance.

    Are you ready to request a pest inspection of your property in Didcot? If so, contact our pest control team at 0800 880 7135 to make an appointment.


    The holistic approach

    Whole room heat treatment can be used to heat an entire room and its contents.This is useful where you may have a clothes moth infestation not only on clothes in your wardrobe but also in carpets, curtains and other fabrics.

    We heat the entire room using our specialised heater-fan units in order to heat the room up to 56°C (approx.) and hold it there for approx 4 hours in order for the heat to penetrate all the carpets, clothes etc in the room and kill off all the adults, larvae and eggs of the clothes moth in one swift treatment.

    This has proven to be a preferred service for Property Managers, Housing Associations, Hotels & businesses in the Hospitality & Tourism industry.

    Effective Solutions for


    Heat based pest solutions are key in the removal of insects such as bed bugs, moths and cockroaches. Utilising key pieces of knowledge, equipment and training, PestHeat UK’s professional technicians are able to remove infestations within a few simple visits once the key problem areas have been identified. Read on to find out more about how we can help you.