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    The Pest Control Service You Can Depend On

    PestPro Bird Solutions has been a reliable source of Insect pest control expertise for businesses and families across Reading Beenham, Berkshire & Hampshire. Our ability to deliver fast, effective pest control services in a friendly and professional manner is a source of relief for residents, staff and managers with insect infestations.

    Our trained technicians are able to assess your needs through informative consultations, resulting in a clear understanding of the best solution for the task at hand. We take care of wasps, ants, bed bugs, mites and various other insect pests or infestations. Contact the team to find out how we can help you manage insect-pests on your premises. Voted Best Pest Control Company in Berkshire 2020

    For an expert opinion and a cost effective but quality treatment programme for all your insect problems.


    Tried and tested solutions for all of the following Insect pests
    • Wasps, bees & hornets
    • Bed bugs
    • Cockroaches
    • Fleas, mites & lice
    • Flies and cluster flies
    • Carpet beetle
    • Moths
    • Silverfish
    • Textile pests
    • Mosquitoes
    • Spiders and more.


    From fly infestations to wasp nests in the loft and all your crawling insects and everything in between, PestPro Bird Solutions will provide services and products to deal with every type of insect control problem you may have. All our technicians are BPCA level 2 trained and can offer you the most appropriate treatment dependent on type of pest. For an expert opinion and a cost effective but quality treatment programme for all your Insect problems contact us today on 0800 772 3313.


    Expert opinions and Quality, Cost effective Solutions

    We have successfully removed a diverse range of insect pests from both commercial and domestic environments. We are able to offer expert advice and specialist solutions in terms of both prevention and removal, all at a competitive rate.