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    Eliminate 100% of Cockroaches in under an hour

    Eliminate 100% of cockroaches on your premises with our Cockroach Heat Treatment Services. Pesticide-based indoor cockroach control methods raise concern over the safety of occupants. Our affordable heat treatment systems offer you the ability to perform cockroach control work without relying on toxic chemical residues. Heat can be used to kill every type of cockroach and their eggs & additionally, can kill surrounding bacteria, viruses and residue. Heat treatment solutions can be applied and completed from 2 hour (per room/localised area) allowing for a fast, effective service.


    PestHeat UK is PestPro Bird Solutions’ key weapon in providing heat-based pest control services. As a specialist pest control service, our technicians are trained to use professional heat equipment that eliminates 100% of Bed Bug, Moth & Cockroach infestations when applied correctly. Our particular approach reduces the need for chemical or pesticide-based solutions, leaving them to be used only when completely necessary.


    Why choose Heat Treatment

    Our Heat Solutions combines a university tested heat technology with the most affordable, portable and effective heating equipment anywhere. Heat treatments were pioneered for the use of heat for insect eradication in the late 1980’s. Using Heat is a smart business decision. Our heat treatment process will allow you to erradicate your Cockroaches with the minimum disruption to you, with a single treatment.

    We carry out whole room heat treatment so that all areas are treated unlike steam treatments that only target the cockraoches that the steamer is aimed at.

    Cost effective pricing, call to speak to one of our team.


    Reaching the thermal 'kill point'

    Achieve a proven thermal kill for cockroaches with our Heat Solution’s state-of-the-art technology. Our state-tested technology creates heat convection currents which transfer air throughout the room, forcing heated air molecules to transfer their energy into every surface of the room. Developed and perfected , our equipment is designed to be a complete cockroach heat treatment system without sacrificing quality or capability.

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    Organic Cockroach Control

    Heat is the only truly organic cockroach control treatment method. Other companies would have you believe that their pesticides are organic or come from natural sources, but every applied pesticide carries with it some level of toxicity. Heat treatments are completely non-toxic and leave no chemical residue, eliminating your exposure over potential client health concerns.

    Choose PestHeat UK’s Heat systems for 100% results, 100% satisfaction. Independently proven to be 100% effective, Convected heat is ovicidal (kills eggs)