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    Why choose PestPro Bird Solutions?

    PestPro Bird Solutions provide a wide range of high quality, customer focused pest control treatments. We will work closely with you to provide a tailored service to treat, monitor and eradicate any pest issue. All of our staff are experienced and hold a Level Two Certificate in Pest Control (Royal Society for Public Health) qualification or equivalent.

    We pride ourselves on doing jobs properly. That’s why we have gained membership and accreditations with industry bodies that set the standard for quality of service and application in our sector(s). Whether you’re enquiring on behalf of a business or for your personal premises, we approach every job with a high level of professionalism and discretion, guaranteeing you peace of mind, as well as effective solutions.

    Call today on 0800 772 3313 to speak with a member of the team and find the right solution for you.

    Memberships and Accreditations currently held


    PestPro Bird Solutions provides contract pest control & wildlife management services to businesses, organisations and Wildlife Trusts throughout the UK. We develop bespoke service packages that assess, evaluate and fulfil your pest control needs, taking in to account the ‘day-to-day’ activity of the premises, Health & Safety of on site-personnel and the public and UK Law and regulations.


    We work were pest control services are needed. From domestic to commercial environments, we have successfully carried out pest control services and wildlife management programmes in Homes, Hotels, Commercial Properties, Landfill & Waste Management sites, Agricultural sites and more.

    We offer a comprehensive range of services, products and training programmes to provide pragmatic solutions based on your needs. Speak with a member of the PestPro Bird Solutions team to find a solution that works best for you.

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    We provide a range of solutions to best suit your needs. Dependant on your pest problem, local environment and management needs, you may benefit most from either our direct services or products with on-site training. Our pest control services provide sought-after solutions for businesses, families and wildlife trusts through both single service call outs and contract services, whilst our heat treatment products and training services benefit technicians and commercial managers in Hospitality, Events and Facilities management.


    Our comprehensive service range allows us to provide solutions for Businesses, Organisations, Care Homes, Families, Hotel Chains, Facilities Managers, Pest Controllers and more. We provide solutions for the majority of problems caused by common pests in the UK including insects, rodents, deer, moles, rabbits, gulls and other birds.
    We also offer specialist cleaning, proofing, deterrence, removal and management services to maintain pristine premises. Whether you’re interested in a single service call out, developing a package of contract services or exploring equipment and training options, contact PestPro Bird Solutions today to find out how we can help you.