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    Our ecology & wildlife management services benefit local wildlife, livestock, home-owners, property managers, business managers and the local environment. We provide a range of services to assess, protect and manage local wildlife dependant on client needs, UK law and risks to health & safety of the residents, staff and/or members of the public. Explore our services below or contact the team today to find out how we can help you.


    For Facility, Property & Project Managers, Homes and Businesses


    Across Reading, Berkshire and the surrounding areas

    Assess your options with a free site assessment. Members of our team available to cater for new project enquiries, including a free visit to your premises for assessment and consultation services. This allows our clients to comfortably and effectively convey their wildlife concerns whilst our technician(s) get a full understanding for the local environment. We bring years of experience to each job and provide complete clarity when it comes to project potential and solution options.

    We also provide nationwide coverage for wildlife management solutions*. Speak with a member of the team today to discuss your needs.

    *Personnel expenses may apply for projects where long-distance travel commitments are required.


    Problems associated with local wildlife

    We understand that certain wildlife can pose a threat to your premises, health and safety, livestock and/or local environment, whether it be through feeding, nesting or other means. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of services to suit the task at hand.

    We take in to account a number of factors when providing solutions for wildlife management. Our top priority is to provide an effective solution that meets the client’s needs, however, we always work in accordance with UK law and regulation, obtaining the appropriate licenses from the government as necessary. In this respect, we take in to account the type of wildlife in question, the environment it is in and the most effective solution for protecting, deterring or removing them from the environment, as necessary.

    Our trained technicians implement solutions for a range of wildlife management projects including birds, foxes, deer, moles, rabbits, insects and more. Speak with a member of the team today to find out how we can help you manage your wildlife.


    Valued services across the UK

    Wildlife Management can take many forms. Every project of this nature requires a clear understanding of the environment and wildlife in question. It is for this reason that we would always advise utilising our site visits for consultation and assessment of your scenario. We provide management services to help our clients protect, deter and, where necessary, remove wildlife from the area, dependant on the animal(s) in question. We pride ourselves on providing a beneficial bespoke service to all of our clients. Contact the team today to find out what we can do for you.