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    Solar Panel Proofing Service

    Bird-proof your Solar Panels and rooftop installations to save on long-term cleaning costs and damage caused by nesting birds. Ensure your solar panels are operating at 100%. Bird droppings can affect the ability of the panel collecting the light they need in order to generate electricity as well as being corrosive to the panels. At PestPro Bird Solutions we can fit specialist bird proofing for your solar panels and roof-top installations to keep them protected.

    Contact us today to arrange a free survey by one of our experienced engineers.


    Advantages gained

    We use the most effective methods to proof solar panels. These are specially designed solar panel proofing systems that are designed for solar panel fitment. Our Solar panel proofing is guaranteed to exclude all pest birds.

    We use either a mesh system attached by UV resistant clips or Solar Pro spike system that is attached via adhesive. We have our own van mounted hoist that assists with Access so meaning you do not get a charge for Hoists or scaffolding.

    • Doesn’t stand out – it is virtually invisible from ground-level
    • Can be installed without drilling and screwing preventing any damage to the solar panels
    • Can be secured with clips that won’t scratch the panels or fixed with a special adhesive.
    • Can be removed to allow easy access for servicing? clip type.
    • Does not invalidate solar panel’s warranty
    • We remove all bird debris & clean your solar panels
    • We also offer a stand alone cleaning facility for solar panel installations


    Included in all of our Solar Panel projects

    Are you based in Reading, Berkshire or one of the surrounding areas? We conduct free site survey’s for all of our solar panel cleaning and proofing services. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to ask the questions you want and to obtain the answers you need from one of our installation & maintenance experts.

    We install bird proofing solutions on buildings and solar panels for businesses, home owners and organisations up and down the UK*. Contact the team today to find out how we can help proof your premises from birds and save on your long term cleaning costs.

    *Expenses may apply for projects that require long-distance travel for PestPro personnel.


    Advantages gained

    We have installed bird proofing solutions in both commercial and domestic settings, taking in to account the type of nesting bird(s), the health and safety of all personnel on site and the public, the desired area to be proofed and the suitability of materials used.

    Our contract solutions also include a Guano Cleaning service to help restore your premises to a pristine condition & reduce the risk to health & safety posed by bird guano.