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Why choose Heat Treatment Solutions for Bed Bugs?

We believe heat treatments are the best solution for bed bugs due to 3 reasons. Their effectiveness, efficiency &, most importantly, their alternatives (Pesticide-based solutions).

Effectiveness & Efficiency:

  • Heat Treatment solutions can be applied to individual rooms to treat the entire room and it's contents without causing damage to any of the materials that it contains.

  • Heat treatments can penetrate most materials and cover those 'hard-to-reach' places (such as cracks, nooks and crannies) ensuring a comprehensive solution that can eliminate 100% of bedbugs, cockroaches and moths (that can cause clothing and material damage).

  • Bed Bugs have no resistance to heat solutions when applied correctly and the treatments ensure that eggs are destroyed to prevent any chance of re-infestation.

  • Additional benefits include the eradication of viruses and bacteria due to temperatures involved.

  • These solutions only require a one-off treatment per room which minimises the disruption to the day-to-day activity on your premises.

The Alternatives:

Reduce the need for pesticides & chemicals

Although widely condoned, regulated and used, pesticide solutions for bed bugs ultimately still require the need to apply unnatural chemicals into areas where people go to rest.

These treatments consist of a process that can last up to a month (sometimes more) and can be disruptive due to the need to remove and clean all belongings from the affected area. In addition, there can also be resistance to chemical-based solutions, dependant on a variety of factors (application, potency, type of bed bug etc.)

There is also concern over pesticide-based indoor bed bug control methods as some require someone to stay in the room throughout the treatment period. This can be a requirement as the solution requires someone to act as a 'host' to biting bed bugs, in order for the treatment to work effectively. Understandably this, in conjunction with the previous points, may cause a sense of unnecessary risk to occupants and those seeking practical resolve.

We're proud to provide diligent services and durable, effective products for all of our clients. If you're having trouble with bed bugs, then contact the team to find the best solution for your situation.

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