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    We help clients to optimise routine bird control and minimise the impact that birds have on business productivity.

    Whether your concern is in protecting crops, safeguarding livestock, clearing air-strips or reducing risks to health and safety, our laser systems can consistently deter birds and prevent habituation across key areas of your premises.

    Find the right solution for your business with Pest PBS.

    Bird-habituation is a common problem for businesses in a range of sectors and we understand that each and every business needs to find the right solution for their situation. This is why the team at Pest PBS are proud to offer a comprehensive service, inclusive of industry-leading solutions, bespoke strategies and technical expertise.

    Minimise the impact of nesting and foraging birds

    With an increasing demand for food, energy and mobility, businesses in these sectors have to be vigilant in minimising the impact of bird activity on their premises.

    Nesting & foraging birds can distract workforces from their daily activity, taking a toll on both operational efficiency and productivity. The resultant waste caused by these birds threatens health and safety conditions by increasing the likelihood of disease transmission, fire risks, property damage and walk-way slip hazards.

    Conventional methods of preventing these risks can require time, labour and cost-intensive commitments, which ultimately divert resources from primary business goals. Our laser deterrent solutions provide onsite personnel with the means to keep avian pests at a safe distance and minimise onsite bird activity altogether through consistent application.

    Over the years we have worked across most of the UK’s industries, gaining insights into the plethora of problems that on-site bird activity can cause business owners and property managers. From the supply of handheld solutions to the installation of automated systems, we’re confident that we can significantly reduce the impact that birds have on your site.
    As a certified solutions integrator of Bird Control Group systems, the team at Pest PBS can deliver proven solutions, configure products and provide technical support as and when required. Find out more about common industry problems and how to prevent them in our Industry-focused Solutions section
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    Industry-focused bird control

    Priority-based solutions for businesses across the UK

    Fishing & Aquaculture
    Aviation &
    Industrial Sites
    Renewable Energy &
    Oil and Gas sites
    Real estate &
    Recreation facilities

    Solutions for Fishing & Aquaculture

    Implement effective bird control, reduce bird mortality and protect livestock.

    Our range of specialised laser products are capable of excluding sea ducks, seagulls, cormorants, herons and other nuisance birds from fish farms, fishing grounds and sea vessels.

    Utilising laser technology, both our handheld and fixed-installation solutions can repel and deter birds from key areas of your facilities, protecting your livestock and minimising the risk of inhabitance and bird-feeding routines on your property.

    Take advantage of our pre-sales consultation services to ensure that we have complete situational awareness of requirements, concerns and bird activity, when providing solution options.

    Find out more about AgriLaser HandHeld & AgriLaser Lite products here.


    Solutions for Agriculture

    Protect crops and feedstock with effective, animal-friendly solutions.

    Birds typically eat their body-weight in food every day, which positions agricultural sites as a prime target for inhabitance and food-foraging.

    From fruits and vegatables, grain and barn stores to newly-seeded and emergent crops, birds will take advantage of any available food sources, costing the global agriculture industry billions in damaged crops annually.

    Our laser deterrent solutions can repel your birds from key areas of your premises. With a range of products available, you can operate by preference with simple hand-held solutions or installations that provide round the clock coverage.

    Find out more about AgriLaser Autonamic, HandheldLite products here.

    Solutions for Aviation

    Airports, Airstrips and Helipads provide opportune habitats for a range of biodiversity.

    The attraction lies in a perceived sense of safety due to limited human presence. The result of this usually includes vast numbers of birds feeding and nesting on-site. This raises concerns for the health and safety of airside personnel, pilots, passengers, machinery and cargo.

    With issues of bird strike and animal welfare being of major concern, we have a range of solutions to help airside operators negate the risks posed by (and to) birds and local wildlife. Our Laser deterent solutions can divert, repel and disperse birds from key facilities & areas of operation.

    With issues of bird strike and animal welfare being of major concern, we have a range of solutions to help airside operators negate the risks posed by (and to) birds and local wildlife. Our Laser deterent solutions can divert, repel and disperse birds from key facilities & areas of operation.

    Find out more about AgriLaser Autonomic & HandHeld systems products here.


    Solutions for Industrial Sites

    From scavenging and hunting for food to exploring and building new nesting areas, birds cause a range of problems for industrial sites.
    The most common problems include; Fire hazards, cleaning costs, damage to equipment and machinery, poor health & safety conditions and waste leakage, all of which can be caused by foraging and nesting birds.

    Our animal-friendly, cost-effective range of solutions can repel these birds from key areas of your premises and reduce on-site bird activity altogether through consistent application.

    We can supply and install solutions to reduce these risks, optimise bird control and ultimately minimise bird problems on site.

    Find out more about AgriLaser AutonomicHandheld & Lite products here.

    Solutions for Oil & Gas Sites

    Minimise risks to personnel, property & productivity

    On-site bird activity can pose a number of risks to both the health & safety of onsite personnel and the continuity of production. With vantage points, concentrated thermals and large waste disposal areas, Oil and gas refineries, fields and offshore platforms provide opportune locations for nesting birds.
    Common problems caused as a result of nesting activity includes; damage to machinery, equipment and ventilation systems, all of which affect health & safety and can be costly in terms of repair, down-time and, ultimately, productivity.
    From handheld solutions to fixed installations, our bird repelling laser solutions can mitigate these risks by preventing onsite nesting, feeding and habituation.

    Find out more about AgriLaser Autonomic, Handheld & Lite products here.


    Solutions for Solar & Renewable Energy

    Protect your assets and optimize solar panel efficiency
    From small residential installations to large solar array complexes, we provide bird deterrent systems to help optimise solar energy investments. Bird waste can hinder the efficiency of your solar panels, extending the return on investment or ‘pay-back’ period of solar cells by as much as 3 to 5 years.
    Both our handheld and automated laser solutions can effectively repel birds from these installations, preventing habituation and waste build-up without harming the birds themselves. Birds perceive the approaching beam as an imminent threat, triggering their flight instinct to seek safety.
    Repeated exposure to laser deterrents causes nesting birds to ‘mark’ key areas as unsafe, reducing on-site bird activity altogether. Discuss your needs with a member of the team today to find the best solution for your premesis.
    Find out more about AgriLaser AutonomicHandheld & Lite products here.

    Solutions for Housing & Real Estate

    Add value, optimise health and safety and maintain the quality of your property.

    Bird control is essential for maintaining the value of your property and quality of life for your tenants.​As birds seek food and shelter they will look to all available resources, looking to urban environments for nesting opportunities and food sources.

    Common problems caused by nesting birds include leakage in roofing and/or guttering and damage to paintwork & property aesthetics.

    All of these issues can put tenants and guests at risk on an annual basis if left unnattended. Further to this, negligence to act before it’s too late can lead to a variety of maintenance, upkeep and even repair costs. Our animal-friendly, cost-effective solutions can repel birds from your premesis, helping to minimise risks to your property. Speak with us today to find the right solution for your needs.

    Find out more about AgriLaser Autonomic, Handheld & Lite products here.


    Solutions for Recreational activities

    Perfect solutions for seasonal & year-round bird control

    Whether you’re in need of a fixed system or handy tools for on the go, utilise solutions that can effectively repel pests from distance.

    The AgriLaser® range is perfect for Marinas, Golf courses and leisure centres that constantly have to deter and repel birds away from patron activity and on-site facilities.

    Property and businesses managers can minimise the impact that nesting & foraging birds have. This in turn minimises risks of property damage, disease transmission and slip-hazards. Express your needs, explore your options and find the right solution for effective on your premesis today.
    Find out more about AgriLaser AutonomicHandheld & Lite products here.

    Invest in the right solutions for your bird control needs. We provide a range of solutions from effective handheld tools to automated installations. Want to find out more? Discuss your needs with a member of the team today.

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    The AgriLaser® range

    Utilising focused Laser technology, the AgriLaser range capitalises on the prey instincts of birds to repel and deter them from gathering, nesting and feeding in key areas of your premises. Birds interpret the approaching lasers beams as a physical danger, causing them to instinctively disperse and seek safety elsewhere. Unlike conventional methods of bird deterrence, wildlide does not become accustomed to these solutions, leading them to ‘mark’ effected areas as unsafe and unsuitable to return. Read on to find out more about the AgriLaser range of solutions and how they could benefit your business.

    The Autonomic®

    A Bird Control Group product

    A fully automated bird repelling system with a one-time configuration set-up.

    The Autonomic is the perfect solution for businesses that have to deal with high pressure bird control. Each autonomic unit can be strategically installed in key locations across your premises to optimise coverage, maximise efficiency and consistently divert birds offsite.

    These systems provide a long-term and effective bird control solution. With software included for seamless configuration and preferred application on-site, the AgriLaser Autonomic allows businesses to focus their attention, personnel and resources on primary goals.
    Explore your options, book a site visit or speak with the team today to find out more.

    Pest Control Equipment

    The Agrilaser Handheld®

    A Bird Control Group product

    Pioneering bird control technology, in the palm of your hand.

    The agrilaser handheld is an effective solution that provides freedom of movement, ease of use and precision targeting. Available in a variety of models, the Handheld range is distinguished by their respective laser output power; The Agrilaser Handheld, Handheld 200 and Handheld 500.

    We recommend that all interested parties take advantage of our pre-sales consultation services to ensure that their investment suits their environment, producing the power they need for effective bird-dispersal on-site.

    Agrilaser at Night Demo Video

    Find the right solution for your business with Pest Pro Bird Control

    At Pest PBS we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a comprehensive, sought-after service. We offer pre-sales consultation, post-sales technical support and on-site configuration of all products as required. Our top priority is to deliver valued solutions for bird problems that are of concern to property managers, business owners and on-site personnel. Contact us today to find out how you can manage wildlife traffic on your premises.


    Utilise technical expertise to find and develop the best solution for bird control on your premises.

    Whether through site visits, meetings or simple phone consultations, contact the team at PestPro Bird Solutions to discuss your needs today.

    Take advantage of industry-leading bird control solutions from around the world. Enjoy valuable additions to your equipment store with Pest PBS solutions. Arrange both delivery and installation dates to meet your needs.

    From installing hardware to configuring software, as a solutions integrator, the team at Pest PBS can help implement your bird control systems with ease.

    Speak with the team today to plan your solution or book a site visit.

    Benefit from an accredited, qualified team of experts with Pest PBS technical support services. We provide comprehensive solutions, inclusive of both pre and post-sales technical support. We aim to respond to all emails within 1 working day.

    Don't let bird control problems affect the productivity or health and safety of on-site personnel.

    Call PestPro Bird Solutions today on 0800 772 3313

    The Autonomic®

    Product specifications, features & certifications

    Laser beam colour Green
    Service life (laser source) 5000 hours
    Projection range Horizontal: 0° to +35
    Vertical: -70° to +20°
    No. of pre-defined patterns 16
    No. of waypoints per pattern 100
    Variable speed 4° – 6° second
    Power Source Power adapter (100 – 277 VAC)
    Solar (Optional)
    Operating Voltage 12 – 15 VDC
    Power Consumption 60w (peak operating power)
    Autonomic sizes
    Weight 10kg (22lb)
    Dimensons (L x W x H) (cm) 41 x 41 x 56
    (in) 16 x 16 x 22
    Endurance IP65 (suitable for indoor & outdoor use)
    IR Filter Available