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    Ecological surveys are the key to detecting and managing bird nesting activity on the grounds of your property in Oxfordshire. PestPro Bird Solutions uses precision data capturing technology and trained animals to look for bird nesting activity without impacting the nests. If any activity is discovered, we shall take the necessary actions to remove the nests safely.

    PestPro Bird Solutions fully complies with the Countryside and Wildlife Act of 1981. Our ecological surveys are conducted in a safe and non-invasive manner. We don’t seek to harm any wild bird species because that would be against the law. Instead, we use ecological surveys to learn more about the birds on your property and the nests they’ve created. That way, we can create a suitable bespoke bird management plan to remove the birds safely and prevent more birds from coming back.

    Thoroughly trained and experienced technicians carry out the ecological surveys in Oxfordshire. Our working dogs can detect the scent of any birds present in a particular location. After that, we’ll use our GPS data mapping technology to pinpoint the precise coordinates of the ground-nesting activity. These actions are all done without disturbing the nests or the birds within them.

    The GPS mapping data will be compiled into GIS reports so that you can clearly understand the extent of the bird nesting activities taking place on your property. We may recommend additional services to manage the situation, such as a risk assessment, bird strike mitigation programmes, safe zone building, horticultural services, and ground-nesting displacement.

    Contact us at 0800 880 7132 to learn more about our ecological survey services in Oxfordshire.

    Our staff are trained in carrying out non-invasive, efficient ecological surveys

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    Book a consultation today Planned mitigation programmes

    PestPro Bird solutions skilled team members can design an operational mitigation plan in order for your projects to run smoothly whilst we deal with the wildlife welfare issues and law, we can provide you with the following services for your project:

    • Legislative and Licensing Consultants
    • Operational programmes designed for Bird management operations – ground nesting displacement
    • Bird Surveys 
    • GPS Data Mapping data imputed into GIS reports
    • Habitat management – Horticultural services
    • Environment Conservation – Surveys & build services to create alternative safe zones to support involved species 
    • Bird strike mitigation programmes 
    • Risk assessment management