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    Maintain Health & Safety on your premises by removing Nuisance Species

    The biggest culprits of bird related problems are that of the gull and pigeon species. These species are encountered in both urban and rural locations and cause most complaints. These complaints can range from Nesting in or on buildings which in turn can block gutters and drains with both their guano and nest materials. This, in turn, can lead to flooding of premises, damage to stock and further transmission of disease.

    Other species of ground nesting birds can lead to construction issues as breeding birds cannot be disturbed. We also offer ground management programmes to allow development of Brownfield and Greenfield sites. We also offer control and management of all other species of birds that are on the general licence and at times others that require a special licence to be obtained from the government

    We have a wide range of experience in control of all the Corvid family ( Rook-Crows-jackdaws-Magpies-Jays). Roosting Starlings can cause both noise and fouling problems and their droppings can be corrosive. Canada and Egyptian geese are another species that causes a lot of problems due to their grass grazing habits and that of the mess that they leave behind caused by their copious droppings.

    Parakeets are gradually becoming a pest, creating problems, and one which we deal with, along with birds in food premises.

    Make sure that you get the right advice and solution the first time to save you money in the long term. Bird Control, deterrence, proofing & more.

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    As a bird control specialist with years of experience, we can offer you a wide range of bird control services and techniques to combat all bird related issues. Our bird control solutions include:

    • Bird Proofing: Netting
    • Bird Proofing: Spiking
    • Falconry Response: Bird deterrence with falcons  and hawks
    • ​Agrilaser Autonomic Bird Deterrent Lasers
    • Bird Gel
    • Audio Deterrents
    • Bird Shock Track
    • Bird Culling
    • Guano Cleaning
    • Bird Trapping
    • Ground Nesting Bird Deterrents
    If you are having issues with birds, gulls, geese or any other wildlife please contact us today.


    Who We Are

    PestPro Bird Solutions brings to you a dedicated team of professionals to provide you with a range of bird control programmes:

    • Fully qualified professional staff
    • Expert advice on law related issues regarding bird control
    • Free and comprehensive site surveys
    • Gull control, egg and nest removal services
    • Pigeon control, proofing, spiking, fire gel
    • Live response deterrent bird control utilising hawks and falcons
    • Specific on site design services for tailor made bird control and bird deterrent proofing solutions
    • Bio cleaning services for areas of bird fouling & removal of waste
    • Registered waste carriers
    • All work fully insured and guaranteed
    Bird Control


    Find the right solution(s) for you!
    • Bird Control using recognised proofing techniques such as netting, bird wire and bird spiking
    • Bird Control using industry leading proofing techniques – electric or gel deterrents
    • Bird trapping and culling programmes- Advice on related law issues
    • Gull control – Tailor made Egg and nest removal programmes
    • Bird Deterrent Programmes using Falcons and Hawks
    • Agrilaser Autonomic Bird Deterrent Lasers

    All the above services can either be used individually or combined in order to offer you an industry leading expert Bird control Service.

    For the Solution to your Bird Control problem contact us today.

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