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    Maintain Health & Safety on your premises by removing Nuisance Species

    Birds are not traditional pests. However, birds can cause many problems for property owners if they nest in their attics, sheds, roofs, and other building areas. That is why it is best to prevent birds from gaining access to your structure, so they don’t have the opportunity to nest anywhere on it.

    One of the most common problems is gutter and drain blockage. If birds build nests in these areas, it can prevent rainwater from draining away from the roof. Then, water could accumulate on the rooftop and cause leakage and structural damage in the building. That is the kind of damage that is unrepairable.

    PestPro Bird Solutions offers safe and effective bird control solutions for property owners in Berkshire. None of these solutions involve killing the birds or anything like that. Instead, we use solutions that trap, deter, and block birds before they can nest on properties. Our objective is to prevent birds from coming back to your property while humanely removing the birds already there.

    Our bird control specialists are true professionals. When you contact us for assistance, we’ll conduct a free comprehensive site survey to locate the birds on the property. After that, we’ll present you with the most effective options for removing these birds safely. These bird control solutions may involve electric or gel deterrents, bird wire, bird spiking, netting, and bird deterrent lasers.

    Do you have questions or comments about our bird control solutions in Berkshire? Contact our team at 0800 880 7130 to speak with a qualified bird control specialist. 

    Make sure that you get the right advice and solution the first time to save you money in the long term. Bird Control, deterrence, proofing & more.

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    As a bird control specialist with years of experience, we can offer you a wide range of bird control services and techniques to combat all bird related issues. Our bird control solutions include:

    • Bird Proofing: Netting
    • Bird Proofing: Spiking
    • Falconry Response: Bird deterrence with falcons  and hawks
    • ​Agrilaser Autonomic Bird Deterrent Lasers
    • Bird Gel
    • Audio Deterrents
    • Bird Shock Track
    • Bird Culling
    • Guano Cleaning
    • Bird Trapping
    • Ground Nesting Bird Deterrents
    If you are having issues with birds, gulls, geese or any other wildlife please contact us today.


    Who We Are

    PestPro Bird Solutions brings to you a dedicated team of professionals to provide you with a range of bird control programmes:

    • Fully qualified professional staff
    • Expert advice on law related issues regarding bird control
    • Free and comprehensive site surveys
    • Gull control, egg and nest removal services
    • Pigeon control, proofing, spiking, fire gel
    • Live response deterrent bird control utilising hawks and falcons
    • Specific on site design services for tailor made bird control and bird deterrent proofing solutions
    • Bio cleaning services for areas of bird fouling & removal of waste
    • Registered waste carriers
    • All work fully insured and guaranteed
    Bird Control


    Find the right solution(s) for you!
    • Bird Control using recognised proofing techniques such as netting, bird wire and bird spiking
    • Bird Control using industry leading proofing techniques – electric or gel deterrents
    • Bird trapping and culling programmes- Advice on related law issues
    • Gull control – Tailor made Egg and nest removal programmes
    • Bird Deterrent Programmes using Falcons and Hawks
    • Agrilaser Autonomic Bird Deterrent Lasers

    All the above services can either be used individually or combined in order to offer you an industry leading expert Bird control Service.

    For the Solution to your Bird Control problem contact us today.

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