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    Bed bugs love to nest underneath mattresses. Although bed bugs are not deadly to humans, they can still bite and irritate your skin. You’ll know when you have bed bug bites because you’ll see tiny red sores or rashes in several areas of your skin. These may even be painful rashes too.

    Don’t procrastinate when it comes to removing bed bugs. The sooner you eliminate them from your bedroom, the sooner you can go back to enjoying a peaceful and healthy night’s sleep. The common signs of bed bugs include yellowish shed skin, white oval eggs, and flat oval-shaped bugs crawling around. 

    PestPro Bird Solutions is one of the top bed bug removal experts in Reading. Our BPCA certified technicians have received advanced training in the best bed bug removal techniques used today. The two main types of treatment solutions we offer are chemical treatment and heat treatment. Both are safe and effective at eliminating bed bugs.

    The chemical option is friendly to children and pets. However, we don’t put any chemicals on the mattresses or bedding themselves. Instead, we’ll vacuum all the bed bugs from the bed and other areas of the room. Make sure your bedroom is clean and without a lot of clutter. That way, it will be easier to spot the cockroaches and their hiding spots.  

    The heat treatment is applied to areas where chemicals cannot be used safely, such as clothing and bedding. The combination of the two treatments will eliminate all existing bed bugs and prevent any new ones from coming back.

    You can find out more information about our bed bug removal techniques at 0800 880 7130.

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    A Quick Overview

    • Inspect for bed bugs wherever you sit or stay.
    • Adults are oval-shaped, flattened front to back, and wingless
    • Eggs are tiny white ovals
    • Adult bed bugs are brown until they feed
    • When Full they can seemingly vary in colour (dependant on light) from bright red, to brown, to black.
    • Shed skins are yellow
    • If disturbed, alarmed, or crushed, they leave dark stains, often on sheets and bedding.
    • Bites can have varying effects, some resulting in skin irritation (rashes)

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    Bed Bug Activity

    Bed bugs can prove hard to spot initially as they are active at night and adept at hiding in dark places during the day. They most often hide in crevices and in spaces between mattresses and box springs, on bed frames and headboards, and between the couch and chair cushions. Although less common, they can also be found in dressers, in and on nightstands, luggage, electrical outlets, and amongst surrounding clutter. Once they infest a room, they often travel to adjacent rooms.


    Bed Bug Bites

    At night, bed bugs travel from their hiding places to feed on sleeping host animals. They insert their long needle-like mouthparts into the skin, inject saliva which digests blood cells, and drink up the digested blood. As the abdomen fills with blood, it turns bright red, dark red-brown, or blackish. After feeding, they retreat to their hiding places. They typically feed every 5 – 10 days but can live up to 8 months without feeding.

    Unlike many insects that feed on human blood, bed bugs are not known to transmit (vector) any disease-causing bacteria or viruses (pathogens). Reactions to bed bug bites very among individuals. Many victims show no signs of bites. Others don’t realize they’ve been bitten until rash, redness, or swelling appears around the bite, sometimes with intense itching.



    If you have a pregnant female Bed bug then in just 3 months you could have over a 100 adults and 1000 new eggs.


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    Heat treatment is the most effective way to erradicate Bed bugs click button for more information.