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    Non-Toxic Insect Control Solutions

    Pesticide-based indoor bed bug control methods raise concern over the safety of bed-occupants. Our affordable heat treatment systems offer us the ability to perform bed bug control work without relying on toxic, chemical-based solutions. Heat can be used to kill every type of bed bug and their eggs without leaving harming residue. Additionally, applying heat treatment at the right temperature can kill bacteria and viruses.


    PestHeat UK is PestPro Bird Solutions’ key partner in providing heat-based pest control services. As a specialist pest control service our technicians are trained to use professional heat equipment that eliminates 100% of Bed Bug, Moth & Cockroach infestations when applied correctly. Their particular approach reduces the need for chemical or pesticide-based solutions, leaving them to be used only when completely necessary.

    PestHeatUk combines a university tested heat technology with the most affordable, portable and effective heating equipment anywhere. Our heat treatment process allows us to treat your bed bugs efficiently and effectively, saving you time over other treatments with the treatment being completed in just one day.

    Heat treatment also treats all your clothing and textiles at the same time meaning you do not have to carry out laborious washing and removal of clothing and belongings within the treated rooms.


    Domestic & Commercial environments

    We have provided beneficial heat treatment solutions for a wide range of clients throughout Reading and surrounding areas in the South East, UK. From assisting families in removing bed bugs from their homes to providing a valued, professional service to those who manage properties, hotels, housing associations and more.

    We also offer a sniffer dog surveillance service for mass-accommodation premises which allows for a fast and non-disruptive pattern of checking for bed bugs, with minimum disruption to residents, guests, staff and day-to-day activities.


    Reduce the use of pesticides and effectively eliminate bed bugs

    Call today on 0800 772 3313 to speak with a member of the team and find the right solution for you.


    Proven Results against Bed Bugs

    Achieve a proven thermal kill for cockroaches with PestHeat UK’s state-of-the-art technology. Our state-tested technology creates heat convection currents which transfer air throughout the room, forcing heated air molecules to transfer their energy into every surface of the room. Our equipment is designed to be a complete cockroach heat treatment system without sacrificing quality or capability.


    Eliminate 100% of bed bugs

    Utilise methods proven to be 100% effective by independent researchers. The use of heat treatment solutions in pest control is favourable over its chemical-based alternative due to a variety of reasons. Its ability to penetrate those hard to reach areas makes it perfect for problem areas such as; cracks, furnishings, baseboards, wall-voids, carpets & more.

    The convected heat applied through these treatments is Ovicidal (kills eggs) which provides our clients peace of mind by preventing repeat-infestations.