Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management 

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Wildlife management services in Reading

Are deer munching your roses or badgers digging up your lawns? PestPro Bird Solutions are here to help, we can help manage and control these situations in an efficient and ethical way.
We have a solution for all Wildlife Pests including, Rabbits, Moles, Deer, Badgers, Foxes, Canada Geese and many more.

Contact us today to arrange a free survey on 0800 772 3313.
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Wildlife management
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If you need wildlife management services in Reading then call the experts at PestPro Bird solutions for efficient and ethical control

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What happens when you contact PestPro Bird Solutions?

 •  We will carry out a free survey of your property to determine the most suitable method that we can implement to control your wildlife problem.
•  Our technicians are trained by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.
•  This maintains that you will receive a programme of wildlife control that is both efficient and ethical in its purpose.
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