Greentech Heat Treatment Equipment

We are GreenTech Heat Solutions UK Distributor - the leader in affordable professional heat treatment equipment and training for the eradication of bed bugs and many other insects. Improve your business using our bed bug heat treatment technology. We offer complete heat treatment equipment packages designed specifically for the professional pest controller and the professional maintenance team property manager.


Protect your reputation! Act quickly and stop the rising cost for bed bugs and other indoor insects. Eliminate odors from pets and more!
Housing Authority

Heat treatment equipment packages and certified training. Do it yourself! Self treat with heat for bed bug free multi family homes.
Pest Control Operator

Affordable equipment packages for companies starting with heat or expanding your existing heat team. Certified heat treatment training available.
Property Management

Understand how you can use your own maintenance team to control bed bugs and your pest budget. Certified training available.

Why Choose GreenTech?

GreenTech Heat Solutions combines a university tested heat technology with the most affordable, portable and effective heating equipment anywhere. The founder of GreenTech Heat Solutions pioneered the use of heat for insect eradication in the late 1980's. Using GreenTech Heat is a smart business decision. Our heat treatment process will allow you to expand your markets, reduce costs and liability and increase revenue by differentiating your company from your competitors.

Bed bug heat treatment experience
Experience - With more than 25 years of experience in treating structures with convected heat, GreenTech is the most qualified company in the industry boasting a proven track record of over one million successful heat treatments. Dr. Linford's technology has an EPA registration and has been successfully used by our clients all over the world.

Bed bug heat treatment equipment
Equipment - Our equipment has been designed and manufactured specifically for bed bug eradication including their eggs. Our equipment meets Dr. Linford's standard of excellence. Other companies have taken heaters designed for other purposes and adapted them for bed bug use. GreenTech Heat also has patented equipment, like magnetic fire sprinkler covers, that no other company has in order to assist you in the heat treatment process.

Propane VS. Electric - Choosing The Right Bed Bug Heater

electric propane bed bug heaters

ePro Electric Heat Systems

Each ePro heater can treat up to 400sqft.
ePro electric heater require 45 amps to operate a full power and run on 240v power.
No need for a generator.
Each ePro combines a 3500 cfm fan and 21,500 BTU of heating power.
You will use 3 power cords per each ePro.
The electric system is a "closed" system which means it recycles the heated air inside the structure.
A technician does not always need to be present with electric units.
You can set up your treatment area, close the door and check on the treatment at a later time.

Pricing starts from Only £ 2999.00 plus vat For an ePro starter package of 1 ePro Heater unit and 1 Air mover unit

This package is the perfect starter package for Pest Controllers or Hotels and Property managers.

Titan Propane Heat Systems

Each Titan heater can treat up to 3000sqft.
Propane heat treatment packages will need to have access to outdoors to stage propane heating unit.
Each Titan combines a 4500 cfm fan and 500,000 BTU of heating power.
The heat from the propane heating unit is "ducted" into the room from outside the building.
A technician must always be present to monitor the heater and the treatment.
Propane systems will require a propane tank and hoses.
A typical 25 gal/100 lb tank will supply enough propane for the entire treatment.
Propane units are faster to achieve the thermal temperature than electric units and will take less time to perform a treatment.

Pricing starts from Only £ 2999.00 plus vat For an ePro starter package of 1 ePro Heater unit and 1 Air mover unit
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