Clothes Moths Abingdon

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    Clothes Moths Abingdon

    Clothes moths love to feed on natural clothing fabrics, such as furs, hides, and wool. Even though clothes moths are not dangerous to humans or pets, they can still cause damage to your clothes and other fabric-based items. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact PestPro Bird Solutions and request help removing your clothes moths immediately.

    PestPro Bird Solutions is one of Abingdon’s leading pest control companies that specialises in clothes moths removal and prevention. Our pest control technicians have a 100% success rate in removing clothes moths from commonly infested areas, such as wardrobes, clothing, etc. So, you have nothing to worry about when hiring us for assistance.

    We find it best to use heat treatments to remove clothes moths from residential and commercial properties. But rather than apply heat to individual areas of a room, we like to apply heat treatment to an entire room where clothes moths are present. That way, the heat solution can reach every fabric-based item to eliminate moths, including the carpets and curtains.

    Our equipment consists of unique heater-fan units which can increase the heat temperature to up to 56°C. The temperature will remain for approximately four hours, which gives the heat enough time to make its way through all the clothes, curtains, carpets, and other fabric items in the room.

    As a result, the heat will kill any remaining clothes moths and their eggs and larvae. Our heat treatment solutions have been proven effective in eliminating clothes moths on every service job. For this reason, our most typical clients include hotel managers, housing associations, and property managers.

    Contact us at 0800 880 7135 to remove and prevent clothes moths from your property in Abingdon.


    The holistic approach

    Whole room heat treatment can be used to heat an entire room and its contents.This is useful where you may have a clothes moth infestation not only on clothes in your wardrobe but also in carpets, curtains and other fabrics.

    We heat the entire room using our specialised heater-fan units in order to heat the room up to 56°C (approx.) and hold it there for approx 4 hours in order for the heat to penetrate all the carpets, clothes etc in the room and kill off all the adults, larvae and eggs of the clothes moth in one swift treatment.

    This has proven to be a preferred service for Property Managers, Housing Associations, Hotels & businesses in the Hospitality & Tourism industry.

    Effective Solutions for


    Heat based pest solutions are key in the removal of insects such as bed bugs, moths and cockroaches. Utilising key pieces of knowledge, equipment and training, PestHeat UK’s professional technicians are able to remove infestations within a few simple visits once the key problem areas have been identified. Read on to find out more about how we can help you.