Clothes Moth Heat Treatment

Clothes moths heat treatment 

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Why are Clothes Moths such a problem

The warmest winters since the 17th century is set to play havoc with clothes moths this year, the mild weather has created the ideal conditions for which clothes moths need to breed.
The clothes moths favourite textiles are Cashmere followed by Silks, leathers, cottons and lambswool.

Common Clothes Moths (Tineola bisselliella)

Clothes moths are small silvery brown moths that you often see a quick glimpse of when you open your wardrobe.
They are very small but visible to the eye.
Tinea Pellionella is another similar moth that eats clothes which can be found.
How do they create the damage to clothes

It is not the adult moths that cause the damage, but the larvae which eat natural fibres as they grow.
The females live for approx 3 weeks and can lay around 100 pin head sized eggs away in dark corners unseen.
The eggs hatch and become larvae, about the size of a grain of rice and then start to eat their way through clothes, carpets,textiles, hair, feathers and dust and can take up to 2 years before becoming adult moths.
Types of Treatment 

Heat Pod Treatment

Our heat Pod treatment consists of a heat treatment pod that we bring into your home, workplace and into which we hang the textiles etc that you want treating.  
Our  Heat Pod kills all stages of a clothes moths lifecycle from egg to adult inside the pod.
The chemical-free heat treatment heats all the areas of materials placed within the heat pod which kills all stages of the Clothes Moths.
This system is suitable for hotels, hospitals, shops etc.

The Heat Pod uses a heater and fan system which in turn distributes heat within the pod quickly and safely until it reaches the required temperature.
We place heat probes within the pod in order to be able to monitor and record the internal temperatures which ensures that the mean temperature is reached and that we get an even heat distribution.
Treatment is monitored and recorded onto a laptop and produces a graph showing the heat exposure over time within the heat pod.

Room Heat Treatment

Whole room heat treatment can be used to heat an entire room and it`s contents.
This is useful where you may have a clothes moth infestation not only in clothes in your wardrobe but where carpets, curtains etc are also affected.
Treatment follows the line of the heat pod but here we heat the entire room using our specialised heater and fan units in order to heat the room up to approx 56C and hold it there for approx 4 hours in order for the heat to penetrate all the carpets, clothes etc in the room and kill off all the adults, larvae and eggs of the clothes moth in one treatment.
This system is suitable for hotels, hospitals, shops etc.
PestHeatUK Treatments Kill Clothes Moths

100% Clothes Moth Kill Without Chemical Exposure Risks

Pesticide-based indoor control methods raise concern over the safety of occupants. Our affordable heat treatment systems offer you a type of pest treatment without relying on toxic chemical residues. Heat can be used to kill every type of Insect and their eggs. Additionally heat can kill bacteria and viruses.

Thermal Treatment Kill Point

Achieve a proven thermal kill for Clothes moths with our state-of-the-art technology. Our technology creates heat convection currents which transfer air throughout the room or heat pod , forcing heated air molecules to transfer their energy into every surface of the room or pod. Our heat treatment equipment is designed to be a complete insect heat treatment system.

Effectively Eliminate Pesticides

Heat is the only truly organic pest control treatment method. Other companies would have you believe that their pesticides are organic or come from natural sources, but every applied pesticide carries with it some level of toxicity. Heat treatments are completely non-toxic and leave no chemical residue, eliminating your exposure over potential client health concerns.

Choose our Heat systems for 100% results, 100% satisfaction.

Proven Results Against Insects

Independently proven to be 100% effective
Convected heat is ovicidal (kills eggs)
Penetrates into cracks and into furnishings, baseboards, wall voids, carpeting, etc.
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